Langsa– Universitas Samudra’s (Unsam) Student Government (PEMA) held a Chancellor’s Cup activity to welcome the 10th Anniversary of Universitas Samudra, which will be commemorated on May 13, 2023. The opening of the activity took place in the Merandeh Campus Multi-Use Room, Thursday (02/03/2023). The activity will take place from March 3-9 2023 with the theme “Rise, Shine the Bright Samudra”.

The event was opened directly by the Chancellor of Universitas Samudra, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hamdani, M.T., IPM in his remarks said that in the course of Universitas Samudra towards 10 years, Unsam continues to implement and support programs from the Ministry of Education and Culture to improve the capabilities of Indonesia’s Human Resources (HR).

“Our task from the ministry, as an education unit in Aceh, is to increase the ability of human resources for Indonesia. Unsam is one of the college institutions assigned to produce reliable human resources. Among these tasks, the University also provides a place for younger students to channel their interests and talents,” said the Chancellor.

The Chancellor explained, the activities proposed by students who are members of student organizations, starting from BEM, DPM, UKM, and others in the Faculty or who are members of PEMA Unsam are to search for talents from Universitas Samudra students, as well as high school/high school students. SMKs in East Aceh, Aceh Tamiang and Langsa City. This activity is also part of celebrating the ten years of Universitas Samudra as a State University.

“The hope is that this activity will sort students who have an aptitude for interest, which in the end are expected to have achievements at the regional and national levels later. this is the main purpose of the activity that was made today by the younger students and a summary of the activities in the form of sports talent, artistic talent, talent from Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur’an, and Entrepreneurship packaged by the brothers and sisters and named by our brothers and sisters with the name Rector’s Cup Universitas Samudra,” explained the Chancellor.

The Chancellor hopes that the activities handled by this student organization can continue to be well maintained and that the Universitas Samudra’s Chancellor’s Cup Activities can continue in the future.

The Chancellor also thanked the chairman of the Langsa DPRK, the committee, and all parties who had supported the holding of this activity.

“Thank you to Mr. Maimul Mahdi, Chairman of the Langsa DPRK, who always supports the activities of younger students, as the nation’s future successors.”

“Let’s support each other, from the leadership of the University, the Chairperson of the Langsa DPRK provides facilities, provides support to our brothers and sisters, so that gradually there will be potential in the fields of MTQ, Sports, Arts, and Entrepreneurship that are reliable in the future.”

“Talents and interests that are well nurtured will be able to bring someone to be more motivated to get a better education, this will increase reliable human resources in all corners of Indonesia.”

“And all the weaknesses, let’s correct them, we give good input, everything from the start has not been able to provide perfect maximum results, we have not been able to achieve it with one activity that we are doing, of course, continuous improvement will eventually produce a better event in the future—continued the Chancellor.

Meanwhile, the Student President of Universitas Samudra, Rahmat Hidayat said in his remarks that this activity would become an annual activity, becoming a selection event for Unsam students in the fields of Sports, Arts, MTQ, and Entrepreneurship.

“Hopefully, according to the wishes of the Chancellor, we will also make this Chancellor’s Cup activity every year, in which this activity can grow cadres who will later contribute to the progress of Universitas Samudra.”.

The head of the committee, Ditiya Hermawan in his report said that the Rector’s Trophy activity was attended by participants from each faculty at Universitas Samudra and has 4 branches of activity, namely Sports, Arts, Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur’an and Entrepreneurship.

The Sports Branch includes Futsal, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Takraw, E-Sport, and Badminton matches. While the Arts Branch has Poetry Competitions, Monologues, Short Story Writing, Poster Design, Photography, Creative Dance, Poetry Writing, POP Singing, and Dangdut Singing.

For the MTQ Branch, there are Recitations, Tartil, Fahmil, and Syarhil Qur’an. As for Entrepreneurship, there is Student Business Competence.

The purpose of this activity is first, to increase the enthusiasm and ability to compete in Unsam students, and second, to increase student experience in MTQ branches, Arts, Sports, and Student Creativity or business. Third, sorting students who have the talent to be coached to take part in competitions both at the regional and national levels.

Ditiya Hermawan also expressed his gratitude to all parties who have supported this activity and hopes that this activity can be followed with enthusiasm and provides benefits for students.

“This is a big activity, namely the Chancellor’s Cup activity, thank you Chancellor for helping us to accommodate our brothers and sisters to create a competition, the hope is that friends at the faculty are excited to compete and get lots of good benefits. Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, Today is a Gift.” Close Ditia.

On this occasion, it was also enlivened by a dance performance by Papua students, Unsam (College Affirmation) from Papua.

Appearing present at the opening of the activity, Chairman of the Langsa DPRK, Maimul Mahdi, S.Sos.I, Dandim 0104 East Aceh or representing, Langsa City Police Chief or representing, Deputy Chancellors, Deans and Deputy Deans, Bureau Heads, Chairperson and members of Ormawa Unsam, DPM, BEM, UKM, UKK at Universitas Samudra. (Unsam Public Relations).