Faculty of Economics


The Faculty of Economics is one of the oldest faculties at Samudra University which was founded in 1971 under the auspices of the Samudra Education Foundation. After more than 40 (forty) years of working as part of a private university. In 2013, the Faculty of Economics underwent a transformation following the establishment of Samudra University as a State University based on the Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 37 of 2013 concerning the Establishment of Samudra University. After the nationalization, the Faculty of Economics opened a new study program, namely the Accounting Study Program. Together with the previous Study Programs, namely the Development Economics Study Program and the Management Study Program. The Faculty of Economics continues to take part in producing human resources in the fields of economics and business.

Career Prospect

Graduates of the Faculty of Economics with a Bachelor of Economics (S.E.) degree are urgently needed, both in government and private institutions. The alumni have job opportunities in various financial industries, both banking, and non-banking. Such as employees in banking, insurance, capital markets, cooperatives, economic research, management, and business consultants. Currently, many alumni of the Faculty of Economics are working as government employees, lecturers, and banking employees in BUMN, BUMD, and the private sector. Apart from that, they can also be an entrepreneur, development planning consultants, and management and business consultant.

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