Faculty of Agriculture


The Faculty of Agriculture, Samudra University was founded in 1985 until it changed its status to become a State University in 2013. The Faculty of Agriculture has 3 (three) study programs which have all been accredited with good ratings (B), namely the Agrotechnology Study Program, the Agribusiness Study Program, and the Aquaculture Study Program. The change in the status of Samudra University to a State University is a momentum to increase interest for SMA/SMK/MA graduates in eastern Aceh such as East Aceh, Langsa City, and Aceh Tamiang and other districts in Aceh Province and other provinces in Indonesia in general.

Career Prospects

A Bachelor in Agriculture is in demand because agriculture covers so many aspects of the world, including the study of animals, plants, and environmental systems. The field of agricultural science can enter a variety of careers in the business, government, education (researcher and lecturer), and non-profit or self-employment sectors. In addition, the global population will continue to increase in large numbers which are of course in line with the increasing demand for agriculture, especially food. This population growth will bring real business opportunities in the coming years for young farmers with their graduate competencies to enter and increase productivity through research, technology, and improved methods.

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