Faculty of Law


The Faculty of Law of Samudra University was established on January 1, 1976, and was later developed to become part of Samudra Langsa University, in 1984. Over time, with the existence of the nationalization policy of Samudra Langsa University, it became Samudra University based on PERPRES No. 37 of 2013, the Faculty of Law participates as an integral part of Samudra University.


As one of the oldest faculties at Samudra University, the Faculty of Law has produced so many graduates and is spread across various worlds of work. Graduates of the Faculty of Law, University of Samudra who have mastered legal knowledge both theoretically and practically. The Faculty of Law continues to develop student competencies, especially in the field of law in accordance with the demands of the times so that they have a stake in implementing their competencies in society to solve all legal and social problems that occur in society, both as scientists/academicians, practitioners, politicians, entrepreneurs, and others.

Career Prospects

A bachelor of law is needed for the development of knowledge, especially community-based. So that the future prospects that can be achieved by Law graduates graduating from the Faculty of Law at Samudra University can work as Legal Consultants, Scientists/Academics, Entrepreneurs/Entrepreneurs both BUMN and private, practitioners as State Civil Apparatuses and Politicians, and other.

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