Faculty of Teaching and Education Sciences


The Faculty of teaching and Education (FKIP) at Samudra University has advantages in the fields of education, research, and community service. In the field of education, FKIP has an advantage in the learning process. FKIP currently emphasizes learning based on the case method and team-based projects.

Learning is carried out more contextually with issues/problems that are closest to the student learning environment. In order to achieve this excellence, the Teaching and Education Faculty continues to innovate and adapt to various changes. Currently, FKIP has relaxed the curriculum in accordance with government policies such as Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka (MBKM).

In the research aspect, the Teaching and Education Faculty has an advantage in Disruptive Learning Innovation which aims to solve the problem of low technological adaptation in the world of education. The results of research from lecturers at FKIP Unsam produce creative and innovative learning innovations.

Career Prospect

Bachelor of Education is needed to address the need for teachers in the future. Samudra University’s FKIP focuses on producing professional teachers who are able to adapt to change and have a global outlook

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