Greetings of the Rector of Samudra University Dr. Ir. Hamdani, M.T.

I as the Chancellor of Samudra University feel very honored to introduce Unsam to our readers. Samudra University (Unsam) is a new state university that was raised in 2013. Unsam is the pride of the East Aceh coastal community. The initiation and support of the people of Langsa, East Aceh, and Aceh Taming were the main milestones of the decades of UNSAM 9 years ago. This young campus has high ideals to become an independent and superior campus in 2035.

Now, Unsam has moved more quickly. Since becoming a PTN, Unsam has been in demand by various students throughout Indonesia. Samudra University has 25 study programs under 5 faculties, namely the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of KIP, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Economics.

To support the teaching and learning process, UNSAM students are given various renewable facilities. Unsam already has a Laboratory of Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) with a modern microteaching space. In addition, laboratories are also available with equipment for research and testing and various practicum land for the development of student talent.

We are also very proud, in 2022 various students in Indonesia have chosen Unsam as a place to study in the Merdeka exchange Students (PMM). That is, Unsam has been known and able to attract students on various campuses to come to socialize, learn, and see the culture of Aceh directly.

Besides improving the ability of lecturers and students, UNSAM continues to improve development in various fields. The development of various lines began with an increase in the Tridarma of Higher Education which was carried out together by students and lecturers. In the field of cooperation, UNSAM continues to increase the number of national and international cooperation in order to increase institutions and learning processes at UNSAM.

For this reason, we will be very happy to provide information about Unsam on this website to the reader. We invite you to elaborate and surf the website to find out more deeply.