Langsa – The big family of students at the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Samudra (Unsam) held the Saweu Economics event at Universitas Samudra (SEUM) season 4 in 2023 in a multipurpose hall. (24/2/2023)

The event which took place from February 24-25 2023 featured various activities such as economic debates, scientific writing competitions, solo vocals, creative dance, and stand-up comedy as well as an entrepreneurial bazaar which was attended by students from the five districts of East Aceh, North Aceh, Langsa, Aceh Tamiang, and Lhokseumawe.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Mr. Makhroji, S.Pd, who attended the event in person, said that the SEUM season 4 activity aims to increase the role of students in achieving indicators after completing studies at tertiary institutions, “The first indicator is that students must get decent jobs after tasting education at the Faculty. The second indicator is that students have experience outside of their academics.

By holding this activity, students are expected to be able to hone and optimize their abilities in the field of Economics to help create jobs and become a solution as a form of community service. (Unsam Public Relations)

“To my students, as long as KKN has been involved in society, adapting to society, use this as a provision of knowledge to express yourself upon returning to campus, to be a better person in the future. After all, the knowledge that is applied in life is more meaningful for society.”

He also hopes that the KKN activities will benefit students as self-corrections for what was lacking during the KKN to be corrected so that they are truly ready when they return to society later. And it can also be useful for the village, especially for sustainable programs.

“To Mr. Datuk and other officials, if student activities provide benefits, we hope that they can continue to be implemented, especially programs that are continuous and ongoing. Hopefully, the togetherness of our children can become brotherhood and hospitality. Please continue to coordinate with our children, especially regarding the information needed, especially regarding education or campuses.”

Meanwhile, the Head of Seruway Sub-District, Rusni Devi Ariyanti Manulang, S.STP., MM said, “To our students, we congratulate you, keep your spirits up, and after this, and after this, our students will be handed over to Unsam to you, all complete, no lacking anything, God willing, all healthy.”

“Hopefully your dream will come true, continue to contribute to the progress of the nation and the country. I hope that what is found here can be applied in the future.”

It is hoped that the representatives of the Datuks, that the experience gained during the KKN in the village can become a lesson and add insight, “Hopefully what we get from our village can be a lesson, become knowledge and add insight and experience for younger siblings, to become the nation’s best children.” in the future.”

In addition, the impressions and messages during the KKN were also conveyed by representatives of the KKN participating students. Present on this occasion the Head of the Seruway Subdistrict and his staff, the Datuks from 12 villages in the Seruway sub-district, the Secretary and Staff of LPPM-PM, and all students participating in Unsam’s KKN. This event was hosted by the Coordinator of the TU LPPM-PM Unsam, Syahrizal Usmansyah, S.E., M.Sc. (Unsam Public Relations).