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Universitas Samudra English Version – Samudra University



Prof. Dr. Ir. Hamdani, M.T.

Unsam has become a source of pride for the people of the east coast of Aceh. The initiation and support from the communities of Langsa, East Aceh, and Aceh Tamiang were crucial milestones in Unsam’s journey towards nationalization 9 years ago. As a young campus, Unsam holds lofty aspirations to become an independent and esteemed institution by the year 2035. With determination and dedication, Unsam is committed to achieving its vision and contributing to the development of education and society in the region.

Latest News


Announcement of Proof of Acceptance of 2023 SNBP Files

The announcement of the 2023 SNBP file evidence at Universitas Samudra will be updated in real-time.


Universitas Samudra manages five faculties, each offering a range of undergraduate study programs. In total, there are 25 undergraduate study programs available at the university. 


Making Research Institutes Advanced, Qualified, and Professional in Building Faithful, Devoted, and Innovative Resources. To Master Science and Technology, and Art to Improve the Quality of Life and Civilization


Strong Commitment to Fostering a Nurturing Environment for Student Growth


Aiding the Development of Students with Exceptional Insight and Integrity


Empowering Alumni Engagement: Supporting and Involving Alumni in the Life of Universitas Samudra

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