Langsa– Institute for Research, Community Service and Quality Assurance (LPPM-PM) Universitas Samudra (Unsam) held a Workshop on Winning DRTPM Proposals and Winning the 2023 Funding from Matching Fund Program at Universitas Samudra held in the Chancellor’s Bureau Meeting room, Tuesday (28/02/2023).

The workshop was attended by several lecturers at the Universitas Samudra and presented by a National Reviewer, Prof. Dr. Eng. H. Gunawarman, M.T. from Andalas University, Padang-West Sumatra.

Chancellor of Universitas Samudra, Prof. Dr Ir. Hamdani, M.T., IPM through the Chair of the Unsam LPPM-PM, Dr. Asnawi, M.Pd, in his remarks said that the workshop was intended to add to the knowledge and insights of lecturers regarding tips and strategies for winning research grants in 2023.

“That the achievement of research grants for lecturers at Universitas Samudra, the previous year’s DRTPM Unsam Grant was still small, namely 15 studies. Even though the guidelines have been disseminated, in general, there are still many deficiencies in the design of a proposal that meets the DRTPM criteria.”

“So at this meeting, we hope that the material presented by Prof. Gunawarman will later be able to add to our knowledge and insights in terms of research so that we can win a lecturer research grant in 2023.”

The Chairperson of LPPM-PM also explained that the goal or expected results were to increase the number of proposals funded by the Directorate of Research, Technology and Community Service (DRTPM) as well as grants outside DRTPM such as the Matching Fund. Then, increasing the interest/motivation of lecturers in carrying out or proposing research grants and community service for external funds. As well as to increase the collaboration network of lecturers in tertiary institutions with other universities, and with the industrial world for Matching Funds.

Among the strategies or keys to getting research funding, as conveyed by Prof. Gunawarman is as follows, First, building a good track record by always fulfilling activity administration, timely reporting, and research outputs (mandatory and additional). Second, make a long-term research roadmap and follow this roadmap. Periodically review and revise as developments progress. Third, Build a permanent and continuous research team/group. Team members can be added as needed. And Fourth, Make a research proposal per the guidelines. In this workshop Prof. In addition to presenting material on Writing Research Proposals related to the Strategy for Passing DRTPM-DIKTI Research Grants for Unsam Lecturers, Gunawarman also presented the strategy for winning the 2023 Matching Fund Program. (Unsam Public Relations).